How to Delete Amazon Account? [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]


How to Delete Amazon Account?: So finally, you’ve consumed A-Z of Amazon! May be Amazon’s A-Z could not satisfy your voracious needs! Or, simply say, you want to end your relationship with the brand. Now you must be wondering – how to delete Amazon account? The solution is as simple as standard two math’s solution but you require patience of saint. Deleting your precious (you’d purchased jewellery for your better half!) Amazon account takes some time.

How to Delete Amazon Account?


  • You need to know the following important things before you are deleting your Amazon account.
  • Once you delete your account, it can’t be reactivated in future. It’s gone forever.
  • After closing your account you will lose complete access to your account that includes your viewing ad purchasing history and other information staored in your account.

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Most probably you would be tempted to close your account just after you finish reading this article. When you know how to delete Amazon account you may do go for it. But before that you should take a few precautionary measures as described below.

  • Check that all items you had orders is delivered to you. Sellers need to see all items are sold or not..
  • If any refund of money or undelivered items is there you need to settle with Amazon
  • Sellers need to recheck, whether they have provided the correct bank account number to receive the last payment or not.


Unfortunately, there is no option to deactivate or temporarily close your Amazon account.
The only way you can get rid of your Amazon account is to delete it.


After you have finished your homework you can start the process to delete your Amzon account.

  1. Step: Open Amazon website in a browser and sign in to it.
  2. Step: Go to the bottom of the page > Click Help under the Let Us Help You section
  3. Step: Go to “Browse Help Topics” (bottom of the page) > locate “Need More Help?” > Click on it > It will expand with options > Select “Contact Us”.
  4. Step: A new page will open, after the 3rd step > Now visit “What can we help you with?” > Select the tab “Prime or Something else”.
  5. Step: Under “Tell us more about your issue” section, see “Select an issue” > A dropdown menu will appear > Click on it to open it > Select “Login and Security”.
  6. Step: A new page will open, after the 5th step > a new drop-down menu will appear > Below the last option click and select – “Close my account”.
  7. Step: There are 3 options (Email, Phone, and Chat) to contact Amazon to delete the account. The options come under Under “How would you like to contact us? > Click the one that is convenient for you and follow the step. The Amazon representative wills contact you within 12-24 hours to do the needful. Now, your Amazon account is deleted permanently.

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You know now, how to delete Amazon account. It is easy but the process is little longer. You may delete your Amazon account now. Remember to keep back-up information, settle payments or ordered item issue (if, any). Go and kill it now boss!

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