How to Delete Skype Account? [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]


How to Delete Skype Account?: Skype is the ultimate software that enables video chat and voice calls between different gadgets. There has been a lot of hype behind the Skype. Unfortunately, due to numerous reasons, Skypers sometimes decide to delete their account with Skype. But, it is not feasible to delete your Skype account completely. So what to do? Don’t waste your time chanting “how to delete Skype account” for hours. Just scan through the easy to follow steps given below, to get rid of your Skype account. Deletion facility is not available with Skype. You may act for ‘closure’ of the account by deleting your personal details from the Skype so that it won’t appear in the Skype directory. But to delete all information you need to take help of the support team from Skype.

How to Delete Skype Account?


Before proceeding to delete/close your account you ought to take the following precautions


  1. Remember, your Skype account and Microsoft account is same. If you kill the former, the later will also die. Yep, you won’t be able to access other MS products or services like your favourite Windows, OneDrive,, Office Online, etc.
  2. Remove your personal information before requesting for closure of your Skype account. You won’t be able to edit or remove your information once you have closed the account.
  3. Save your files and contacts to your system
  4. You can’t delete your ‘avatar’, but you may modify it to any other general ‘avatar’ that does not reveal your identity.
  5. Check your Skype credit balance before jumping for closure. You can’t ‘touch’ your own credit balance (if any) after you close the account. Mind it!
  6. Before closing your account, first cancel all subscriptions (if, any), disable auto-recharge so that you will not be charged for the next month (it takes 30 days to permanently close the account)

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The steps given below are self-explanatory in answering your million dollar query – “how to delete Skype account”. They are easy to understand and follow. Read it carefully, take cautionary measures as prescribed and then proceed to kick-out your Skype account.

  1. Sign-in to your Skype account
  2. Remove all personal information, save important files; check your Skype credit balance, cancel subscriptions and disable auto-recharge.
  3. Visit the account closure page. For security reasons, you may be prompted to sign in or verify your password > Select, “Next”.
  4. Then, from “Select a reason” for closure from the drop-down list
  5. Now, select – “Mark account for closure”
  6. Wait for 30 days to see your account is permanently deleted.


You have thirty days to decide. You know now, how to delete Skype account. But if you reconsider to stay in the platform, you can cancel the closure attempt at any time, within these 30 days by just singing-in to your account. But you can do it only within 30 days of the deletion request. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reactivate it again.


You can neither log in to your account nor access your data/information/photos.
After 30 days, Skype completely deletes all of your data, photos, posts etc.
Other Skype users will be unable to access your information

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“Things takes hours to create; but takes only seconds to get destroyed”. It is reverse in the case of Skype. You can create your Skype account in a few minutes. But after your disconcerted effort to close the account, it takes 30 days to delete (or say, close) your account permanently. Never ever ask anybody –how to delete Skype account? Just ‘parrot’ the steps, mentioned above, to delete/close your Skype account.

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