How to Delete Twitter Account? [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]


How to Delete Twitter Account?: Do you really want to quit Twitter? Are you worn-out of the micro blogging platform? Sick of all the horrible hashtag trends, sponsored tweets, lack of courteousness? No more enjoying 280 character tweets and loads of re-tweets? Are you worried, how to delete Twitter account? Calm down! Luckily, getting rid of your Twitter account is as easy as plucking white hair from your nanny’s scalp.

How to Delete Twitter Account


Deleting your Twitter account is not a rocket science. In fact it is easier to delete an account than register for it. Take your time to decide whether to delete or not. You should be careful here.

You can’t delete your account instantly. That option is not available with twitter. To delete your account you require deactivating it first. After deactivation, Twitter offers a grace period of 30 days.

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After 30 days of inaction from your side, the account will be permanently deleted. However, if you sign in into your account during the grace period then it will be reactivated and your account will not be deleted.

Know these Facts before you Deactivate

  • To use your username and password in another account you need to change them first and then confirm the change before deactivation.
  • If you wish to change your email ID or username; you don’t have to deactivate or delete your account. You can modify it at any time in the account settings page.
  • Twitter provides 30 days of grace period after you deactivate your account. During this period, if you wish, you can restore your account by just shining in into your account.
  • If your account is suspended you can’t delete your account. You may request Twitter to restore your account and settle rule violation issue with them (if any). Once Twitter lifts suspension from over your account you can proceed to deactivate/ delete your account.
  • You can request your archives before deactivation.


As discussed earlier you can’t delete your account directly. You have to deactivate your account first, remain idle for thirty continuous days. Your account is no more. To deactivate your Twitter account, just follow these four simple steps. Now you are done.

  1. Step: In a web browser, open and log in to your account. Remember, you can’t delete your account from mobile app.
  2. Step: Now look at the top-right corner of computer screen you’ll see your pic/ icon. Click on your picture. Select from the drop-down menu and navigate to account settings.
  3. Step: Click “Settings & Privacy”
  4. Step: Click “Deactivate my account” button that you’ll find it at the bottom of the page. Enter your password when asked by Twitter (to verify your intent).

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There could be hundreds of reasons behind your decision to delete your Twitter account. You might have asked all your friends and relatives –“how to delete Twitter account?” You must have received tons of advice, dos and don’ts including a few indigestible suggestions. Your confusion must have vanished after reading this article. Now just follow the few steps given above to delete your Twitter account.

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