How to Delete Yahoo Account? [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]


How to Delete Yahoo Account?: The days were there when Yahoo was ruling the web-service/e-mail industry along with a few big names like hotmail, AOL, and latter Gmail. Now, many new web-service providers are in to play. At present, Gmail is dominating the industry like never before. Many users are fade up with Yahoo mainly because it is not changing its look and features for days. Reasons might be plenty but all of them wish to delete their account forever. The question now, how to delete Yahoo account? Deleting the account is quite easy and you don’t have to be an IT expert to do it.

How to Delete Yahoo Account?


If you want to leave Yahoo platform for any reason, you may permanently delete your account with Yahoo. Actually instant deletion is not possible. But you may close the account that takes some days to permanently get closed. Remember; take your time before saying goodbye to the popular web-service/mailing site. Once you close your account, you would neither be able to reactivate it in future nor can you access your information that you’ve added to your account.


You can only deactivate your account instantly by requesting for ‘termination’ of your account. Before terminating your Yahoo account, you should know about deactivation. Deactivation is a temporary closure of your account. You may opt to reactivate your account within specified days is possible. The days vary from nation to nation. Generally, an account gets reactivated when you sign in to it within 40 days of closing it. The period is longer, if your account is registered in Australia or New Zealand (90 days), and Brazil or Taiwan (180 days). During this period, your information isn’t deleted but hidden. Post-deactivation period your account will be terminated permanently.

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  • Delete your personal information before making move to close (deactivate first) your account.
  • As you won’t be able to edit or remove your information once you have deactivated the account, you need to take copies of your files and contacts.
  • During the deactivation period, you won’t be able to sign in with your email address, and you won’t be able to change your password. Please keep record of your password. If you have forgotten/lost, then recover it from Yahoo first, before proceed to close your account. It will be required, if you change your mind to reactivate the account.
  • If you are closing a child or family account then, before closing the parent account you require to close all child accounts
  • Are you using any paid service? When you close your account the automatic billing does not stop involuntarily. Cancel paid services to avoid any future charges.
  • Do you use your Yahoo account on any third-party websites? You are advised to remove your Yahoo account from all third-party websites where you’ve used yahoo ID (like Facebook, Pinterest etc.).


If you follow the prescribed steps below, you will understand -“how to delete Yahoo account”. They are easy to understand and follow.

  1. Sign-in to your Yahoo account
  2. Proceed to the “account termination page
  3. Read the information related to termination of your account.
  4. After you scan through the information > Click Continue.
  5. It will ask again to provide log-in details
  6. After that > Click Yes, “terminate this account”.

Now, your request has been successfully submitted for termination.

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Deleting Yahoo account is unfussy. Follow the above mentioned steps and wait for the deactivation period to elapse. Now your account is deleted permanently. You may suggest the steps to your friends and relatives who ask you – how to delete Yahoo account? You’re sure to get applauds for your ‘consultancy.

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