How to Delete YouTube Account? [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]


How to Delete YouTube Account?: You would’ve created your YouTube channel to satisfy your urge, earn affiliate money or just hang out there with your ‘how to do’ videos. The taste has changed, attraction has changed. May be you are fed up with your account and thinking how to delete YouTube account. Or maybe you wish to leave these ‘earthly-desire’ and become a monk in the snow clad Himalayas. Reasons might be different; the YouTube users are no longer longing the love of YouTube.

How to Delete YouTube Account?


  • You can delete your YouTube channel without deleting the Google main account.
  • All of your videos, comments, messages and playlists get deleted when you give ‘delete’ command. However, the account itself will still remain accessible. Alternatively, you can opt for removing the account from Google’s records entirely.
  • As of now, it’s not feasible to delete your YouTube account on mobile devices. You’ll need to delete the account from a web-browser in desktop or laptop.
  • Remember, when you are deleting your YouTube account, and not your actual Google account. Google account along with your provided information will still stay unaffected.

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When you’re attempting to delete your YouTube account, two options will surface before you. Either you can “hide” or “delete” your account. When you “hide” the account, all of your comments and replies get deleted. But it keeps all subscribers and views intact. Here, you can’t remove the associated brand. Most vital advantage of “hiding” the account is that it can be re-enabled at anytime in future.

Deleting the account means your comments, replies; subscribers and views get permanently removed. You are now allowed to remove the associated brand. You can’t re-enable your account after the deletion.


Simply follow these easy-to-follow steps to understand – “how to delete YouTube account?”

  1. Step: Open your YouTube account in a web-browser > Sign in to your YouTube account
  2. Step: From under your account name, navigate to advanced account settings by clicking your portrait > “Settings > then “Advanced,”
  3. Step: Then, click the “Delete Channel” button.
  4. Step: Input your password to confirm your identity.
  5. Step: You’ll then be given the choice to “Hide” or “Delete” your channel. Chose “Delete” by ticking the corresponding box that implies you understand the process. Then click “Delete My Content”
  6. Step: At last, a confirmation box will appear > provide your email address > Click “Delete My Content”.


Your mind may change. Beware, as you know now “how to delete YouTube account” don’t mean you should do that. You may look If you are not very sure, don’t delete the account but go for “hide” option. You can re-enable your YouTube account if you have had opt for “hide” your account.

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You are now able to delete your account permanently. “How to delete YouTube account”, can’t bother you now. Follow a few steps and your account is deleted permanently. You have the option of “hide” for temporarily closure. What more? Take a deep breath and make your mind….to “hide” or “delete” your YouTube account forever.

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